The Victoria Legal Support Staff Association (V.L.S.A.) is a non-profit organization formed in 1974 as the Victoria Legal Secretaries’ Association and is made up of legal support staff who are currently employed as well as those seeking employment and those who have retired from the field. Our tax deductible annual membership fee is $40.00 for active members, $25.00 for associate members (including students) and $150.00 for Corporate memberships (which include memberships for 4 or more staff members at the registered firm).

We offer legal education courses and seminars presented by members of the Victoria Bar Association at a fraction of the cost of taking a course through Continuing Legal Education (C.L.E.) as well as many other services.

The Victoria Legal Support Staff Association provides employment listings to law firms seeking legal support staff free of charge.  Please contact the Employment Chair with details of the position, experience required and contact information.

The Victoria Legal Support Staff Association members receive current employment listings through our website and by email from the Employment Chair. The Victoria Legal Support Staff Association is in no way purporting to be an employment agency and therefore it is not the function of the Employment Chair to actively seek out positions for individuals seeking employment, or for law firms seeking legal support staff, but simply to provide a free employment listing service.  It is the responsibility of the individual to contact a firm directly to apply for a posted position.

We meet regularly at the Comfort Hotel, 3020 Blanshard Street (formerly the Holiday Inn) next to Mayfair Mall. Each meeting includes a different guest speaker, general meeting information as well as dinner, dessert and coffee or tea for a cost each month of $30.00 for members and $35.00 for guests. Members are welcome to attend every meeting but are also free to attend just those that peak their individual interests. Recently our speakers have included: a representative of the Attorney General’s office discussing the Attorney General’s role in constitutional challenges including challenges stemming from private matters (i.e. defendant claims the statute relied upon is unconstitutional); a Life Coach; ; Running Room staff with tips to prepare our team for the Run for the Cure;  court staff dealing with the proper way to file documents; court reporter explaining everything from duties required during trial to the technology available for transcripts for examinations for discovery, etc.; a financial planner talking about R.R.S.P.’s, G.I.C.’s, etc.; Deputy District Registrars from Probate and Adoption Departments with general procedures and problem areas; a life time Bencher with the Law Society talking to us about Collaborative Family Law; Manager of Civil Court Services of the Provincial Court and many more.  We are always open to suggestions from our members as to speakers and topics they would like to hear more about.

We feel that it is important to grow and change with the times and we have done so. We have also found that there are numerous advantages to meeting your fellow legal support staff from other firms “face to face”. It is amazing how much easier and more productive our jobs can be when we develop a good rapport with people at other offices.

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