Special Bulletin- September 2020


This has been a difficult year.  The countless changes brought about by the pandemic need not be reiterated here – we are all aware of them.  While many of us are facing similar challenges, each of us faces them in our own way.  And some of us are struggling. 

The executive wanted to reach out to you for a wellness check.  How are you?  Take a moment to sit back and think about it.  Are you feeling added stress, and if so, how are you managing it?  Do you have a network or person you can turn to for support? 

How can the VLSA support you now?  Would you be interested in hearing from a mental health professional in a virtual, interactive presentation hosted by the VLSA?

It is clear, the VLSA is going to have to make changes of its own.  We don’t know when (or where) we will be able to resume dinner meetings.  We need to explore other ways to engage the membership and would love to hear your suggestions. 

We invite you to reach out to any member of the executive that you feel comfortable contacting to share your thoughts.

Linda Picot, President